Order Precut sized raw or coated
screen material and save thousands
of dollars. We offer ultra pure white,
contrast grey and high silver screen
material at a fraction of the cost of a
typical screen. Order any shape, any
size and have it delivered right to
your door.
All our material is fire
rated, anti bacteria, tear and run
resistant. Superior extra smooth
finish presents the highest HD
detail beyond 4K Ultra HD

1.0 - 3.0 GAIN | 175 Degree Viewing
angle  |  4K 1080P HD   |   
Exceptional Clarity  |  Custom Sizes
Our propriatory 3D HD Silver coating is
considered the
finest grade 3D material
offered in a projection surface.
This is the absolute most cost effective
way to build your massive 3D HD theater
Now you can afford leading edge
HD technology anywhere you like. This is
the exact same material and specifications
used in very large commercial 3D movie
theaters at a fraction of the price. High
Definition in 3D doesn't get any sharper
than this.

1.0 - 3.0 GAIN | Up to 175 Degree Viewing
Cone  |  Custom Gains and Contrast Levels
Available  |
3D Curved Screens are some of the most
captivating systems available. We offer an
easy to setup solution for very high
performance screens that can be curved to
your liking. We offer unique mounting
options that allow easy setup and flawless

2.6+ GAIN | Dynamic Viewing Angle Gain  |  
Absolutely Flawless Picture   |   Eliminates
Crosstalk  |  Zero Ghosting  |  Custom Sizes
Our standard maximum size is 4ft x
7ft which is perfect for single cockpit
simulators, virtual ranges and target
acquisition via first person shooter.
Find all 3D Projection Screens, 3D Screen Paint, 3D Projection Material plus awesome
tools for DIY 3D home theater, gaming, 3d modeling and entertainment. We offer
the highest quality projection screen materials for sale in any size you request.
Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Projection Screen Material | Projection Screen Paint  |  3D Curved Projection
Screen   |   Standard 3D Projection Screen  |  Projection Hardware
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Ordering is
simple. Paint On
Screen comes in
gallons and
quarts. Gallon =
170sqft.  Quart =
Ordering is
simple. 3 Levels
of performance
materials in 3
easy to use
precut sizes.
There is no other curved
3D screen on the market
of this quality.
Projection Screen Material
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We offer the most advanced projection
screen system in the world.
Capable of
displaying picture perfect 2D, active
shutter 3D and polarized 3D video in
addition to being a highly visible dry
erase board all on the same screen
Use with any standard dry erase
marker to make the most cost effective 3D
interactive white board available.

Our dry erase projection screens come in
multiple sizes!
Ordering is simple. S1 Silver Screen
Precut comes in 5 precut sizes that you
can trim down to your exact required
Over the years we have been collecting
the best equipment and hardware to
help us build and design some of the
highest performing screens at the best
You can find everything you
need to mount your screen here. We
even have complete kits so you don't
have to worry about a thing.
something you don't see here? No
problem. Let us know what you are
looking for and we will find it.

Gator Clips  |  ParaCord  |  Brass
Grommets and Punch  |  Screen Border
Screen Designs and Instructions
Ordering is simple. S1
Silver Screen Precut
comes in 5 precut
sizes that you can trim
down to your exact
required dimensions.
Projection Screen Material

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Curved Projection Screen

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3D Requirements and
system engineering
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makes a good screen?

These are all good questions that we
have written about to help you better
understand the science behind 3D
technology and the best execution.  
Check out our list of articles, guides,
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building your 3D HD projections
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The world's most widely used
3D Silver Coatings!
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